Our Products

Small and medium sized spur gears,
helical gears (ø4-300mm)
Other types of gears
Various types of timing pulleys
Finished parts processed by
NC compound lathes (automatic machine)
Finished parts processed by NC lathes (chuck work)
Finished parts processed by
machining centers
Industrial Product Divisions

The Industrial Product Division manufactures small and medium sized gears for general machinery and appliances, as well as accessories created by turning and milling processes.
We are able to manufacture parts with dimensions of ø20-250mm using NC lathes, ø4-32mm with automatic NC compound lathes, 510x410x460mm machining centers, and ø6-300mm (M0.2-4.0) gears. Other types of machining are also carried out including production of various kinds of timing pulleys.
We handle general steel, nonferrous metal and plastic.
Please feel free to consult with us about anything from order quantity and costs of trial manufacturing to small lot or mass production.

AC powered pencil sharpener cutters
DC powered pencil sharpener cutters
Manual pencil sharpener cutters
Pencil Sharpener Cutter Divisions

As well as manufacturing pencil sharpener cutters (for motor-driven, hand-driven or battery-driven units) with an outer diameter ø8.0-15.0mm, we perform supplementary processes such as designing or manufacturing up to the point of the assembly process for cutters and holders.

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