Head Offic
Kawasaki Factory
1-2-1 Sugao, Miyamae-ku,
Kanagawa 216-0015, Japan


Business Overview As a specialized factory manufacturing products for industrial use and pencil sharpener cutters, Kanie has striven tirelessly to develop new technologies since its establishment, providing products to the market with high-quality and high-productivity at reasonable prices.
For the production of industrial products, our factory is equipped primarily with lathes, milling machines and gear cutters, but we are also outfitted with equipment capable of responding to the needs of other processes. The core of our operations involve NC and MC lathes, allowing the manufacture of high precision mass-produced items, as well as allowing us to respond swiftly to needs for variety in small lots.
In the pencil sharpener cutter division, as the only manufacturer in this sector of Japan, we have the production capacity of 50 million units per year, and we have manufactured over 105 million units since the commencement of operations. Kanie enjoys a 100% domestic market share and exports to several foreign countries, receiving extremely favorable evaluation for our product quality.

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